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Key of David


Ages 14 and up

In this book you will uncover the many mysteries David Boyce decrypted in the Holy Bible.  Including how the human language works and the countless hidden codes woven throughout the Bible.

Free "Debabeled" audio program that features the human language decryption through NKJV bible!  System requirements Windows 7 PC or later. 25MB space and 110MB RAM memory.

Ebook is None Printable/Edit
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Double Edge Armor of God

All Ages

"Double Edge - Armor of God," is poetic graphic novel that incorporates a multilingual narrative and creative hidden objects game. The character Church finds herself on a spiritual journey that takes her on a different plane. She falls into the arms of Emmanuel who prepares with the wisdom she needs.  Book text include English, Spanish and French.


Buy Game Production Book

All Ages




Double Edge Armor of God INK

All Ages

"Double Edge - Armor of God INK," version is poetic black and white graphic novel based on the original color format. This version includes many art panels with the a multilingual narrative. The character Church finds herself on a spiritual journey that takes her on a different plane. She falls into the arms of Emmanuel who prepares with the wisdom she needs. Other languages include English, Spanish and French.



Draw with David Boyce

All Ages

"Draw," is an art guide book that provides examples of art techniques from basic to advanced levels.


Debabeled Word Puzzle


All Ages

"Atoll Debabeled," is a simple unscramble word puzzle activity booklet.  Unscramble words from different categories.  Did I mention free to download and print!



Creation Write with David Boyce

All Ages

"Creation Write," was created to inspire young creative writers to develop their own stories.  Starting with an idea and illustration the individual can use their imagination to continue their own original writings.

Eat the Word Different_Cover 9x6.jpg
Eat the Word Different-18.jpg
Eat the Word Different-19.jpg

Eat the Word Different

Fun, illustrated, rhyme food book about the Holy Word.

All Ages


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anagram pop7.jpg


Anagram POP


Anagram Pop is a Christian archive of radical anagrams based on bible code.  David reveals the hidden mysteries God encoded in the bible and throughout life that stem from the author’s previous book, “Key of David.”

AID_an incredible digest_cover.png


A.I.D. An Incredible Digest

AID_an incredible digest_thumb2.png
AID_an incredible digest_thumb.png
 PG13 and up some bold humor

A.I.D. "An Incredible Digest," is a bold IN YOUR FACE Christian joke book filled with gut wrenching humor from many angles.  Included are various clever riddles and comics for any Bible reader seeking a challenge at different levels.  If laughter is your medicine this is your read!



All Ages

Stars of the Bible:Landon Interviews Jonah

From doing his best to flee from God's orders to an unusual trip to a preach a powerful message to a city that must turn from it's wicked ways, Stars of the Bible Vol. 2 tells the powerful story of Jonah and his quest to save a nation from losing God's favor.




Gary's Prayer

All Ages

Gray's Prayer is geared towards 3-12 years olds, amuses children and adults alike with catchy prayers and art work that is easy to memorize.  Visit

stars of the bible_cover.jpg
stars of the bible_10.jpg
stars of the bible_12.jpg


All Ages

Stars of the Bible:Landon Interviews Joseph

From being sold into slavery by his brothers to receiving promotion by Pharaoh as the leader of Egypt, Stars of the Bible tells the story of Joseph. Who through his obedience and guidance from God becomes one of the most prominent figures in biblical history. Stars of the Bible is an easy to read book for children with vibrant artwork and activities that young children and parents both will enjoy. 




When God Blessed Us With You

All Ages

As young Sampson Prepares for bed, he asks his parents for a bedtime story. After searching for a book to read, Sampson's father realizes that he and Sampson's mother have read all the books in Sampson's room. In fear that he might not get the bedtime story that he desires, Sampson becomes sad. Only to have his parents save the night by telling him the story of how Sampson became their forever son through adoption.  Visit



Oranges and a Princess

All Ages

Princess Ronae is tired of the palace norm and seeks to find adventure, mystery, and romance.  Author Rhonda Brackens.



Love Found At The Door

12 & Up

Rachel lives a routine lifestyle and prays for a new experience, but along the way her life changed encountering a letter.
Mystery, Romance, and Quirkiness.



Proverbs Bible Quotes

All Ages

A selection of helpful bible quotes from the book of Proverbs in both English and Spanish text.  Share with anyone on the go or personal devotional experience.  Scriptures are from NKJV and NBLA bibles.

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