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KOD Updates

08-18-2022  Key of David Debabeled program 3.0 update available.

04-07-2022  Free documents made available on book publications page.

02-12-2022  Armor of God TPG 2d game for PC, level difficulty updated.

12-18-2021  Armor of God TPG 2d game for PC. 

11-25-2021  Key of David 2.0 book updates.

                     Pg. 10 Intro revised and modified.

                     Pg. 17 English to English typo.

                     Pg. 46-47 Bulk information.

                     Pg. 83 Improved description revised.

                     Pg. 84 Genesis 1-11 paragraph orders reorganized.

                     Pg. 153 Retraction and revision of shadows with David/Saul.

                     Pg. 166 Elaboration on Jacob's ladder.

                     Pg. 169 Added details in "Organic System."

02-20-2021  KOD Debabeled 2.0 audio program added features.

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