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Diverse Bible Codes

Examples of diverse codes woven within biblical design.

D-vine Software Program

The Holy Bible is a book of divinely inspired structured codes. Codes? The Word or God's law is code, His code. But the Holy Bible is literally coded throughout. Matter of fact it is literal code. On the surface God communicates His immediate agenda for man, however the scriptures are fixed in equations. This checks back to the sovereignty of God.

The entire bible is one large set of algorithms and equations. The variable components of the new covenant is a perfectly balanced inverse of the old covenant. The algorithms and equations in the bible are designed to check facts true affirming or reaffirming code signatures. All things that have a name have a code signature. This means there is always a way to trace something about it. "The entire bible is a giant book of anagrams, the WHOLE BIBLE." I explain in my book, "Key of David," how all words in life or in the Word check and affirm back to a source. However there are hidden rules that have to be applied to reveal the depths of the code or cod. Cod?

Early Christians would communicate in code with a fish drawing to recognize each other. One person would draw an arc and the other would complete the image of the fish with another arc. The bible works the same, cod + e = code messages. God's angle of code is multifaceted, hence Jew-El and angle = angel. One must understand the Word, God reveals and speak through the dimension of time to His future readers as He modeled and spoke in the past/present.

Coded sarcasm of the Word.

Here are a few examples of coded mess-ages that you read in between the line of the bible:

"Wolves in sheep's clothing."

1. Wolves is an anagram for vowels.

2. Vowels in sheep's clothing.

3. Wool is the clothing.

4. Hebrew language developed vowels in latter time.

5. Men develop and consume lies that turn to sh*t. (Genesis 3)

6. Ezekiel describes the cherubim as ox faced creatures with wings and hands. Satan was a bull that manifest himself into a serpent to deceive. That BS is true!

7.God move men, men move bowels.

8. Deception leads to death.

Wool can be found in wolves through vowels or their bowels. Learn your vowels by howling or moving the bowels. AEIOU is found when man sh*ts, deception is BS."Help with English" spoken backwards is "Show me the way!"

Corona Joke - Which sign reveal ill sinners? Buy da-mask US.

Chess in the Bible

  • Jesus is the Light, the world is dark. John 1:1-10

  • John the Baptist was the first pawn to move and die. "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at HAND!" Matt. 3:2

  • Herod the Great is the dark king.

  • Herodias is the dark queen.

  • Joseph squired his family Jesus and Mary to Egypt by night. Joseph = knight on animal, Mary = Queen, Jesus = King.

  • Jesus King, Mary queen, Joseph knight, 12 disciples, John the Baptist a pawn.

  • Angels and prisons square the players.

  • Chessboard is the foundation of the world. Matt. 13:35

  • Angels minister to Jesus, angels is an anagram for angles. Jesus King of Light squared by angles of angels, (King in square).Matt. 4:11

  • John gets squared away in a prison by Herod's men and can't move. Matt. 4:12

  • Herodias' daughter is a pawn that moved by the dark queen.

  • Matt. 4:16 - The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, And upon(a pawn) those who sat in the region and shadow of death Light has dawned(flip the d 180o degrees for pawned.) Isaiah. 4:16 - the number of chess pieces is 16 each on each side.

  • Jesus preached minus p = reached and say, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at HAND."

  • Then Jesus saw Peter and Andrew casting, add a line = castling a net into the sea. (Kingdom castling)

  • Mary Magdalene is a dark pawn used by worldly men, but taken by Light King.

  • Disciples compete on Jesus' chest(chess) bosom. John 13:23

  • Jesus rides on a colt and takes a donkey = King and knight of Light foreshadowed.(Knight's El move) Matt. 21:5-7

  • The Brook Kidron is A rook kid run! John 18:1

  • Peter squire Jesus at night, but Judas Iscariot the rook leaves King Jesus open and gets checked.

  • Peter tries to defend King from dark bishop by cutting a high priest's servant. Matt. 26:51

  • Jesus exchange words with a crook on the cross about His kingdom. Crook = dark rook. Light King takes dark rook and check mates death, Satan and kings of the dark world. Luke 23:39-46

  • Herod and governor Pilate became friends, a dark king and Roman rook castling. Luke 23:12

  • The hands of God finishes and wins. "The whole crowd who came together to that sight, seeing what had been done, beat their breasts and returned." Beat their breasts = beat at chess. Luke 23:46, John 19:30

  • Jesus shows Himself again and commands disciples to cast their net to the right side of the boat. This is Jesus teaching on castling properly to His students. John 21:1-7

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