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Master Key Code

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Hello to basics of Bible decryption. I have a basic overview posted in Bible Code Basics and a thorough explanation in my book Key of David.

Bible Codes?

First one must understand all earthbound mysteries are and have been totally encoded into the Holy Bible. But because the digital age is playing catch up with God it has taken 2000 years to identify with kingdom language. The bible uses computer language in which these keys work.

Master Key

An algorithm is a process or set of rules to follow in calculations or other problem solving operations especially a computer. In the bible they appear as patterns of repetition, foreshadows, riddles, puns, homophones, symbols and allegories. Examples:

Master Key Algorithm - A Word key traced in Matthew 26:64 Jesus on trial, "It is as you say." Jesus spoke the key, you say it as is - a, s, is or leave as is. Apply this principle to all words or phrases in the Holy Bible when you re-scramble them as anagrams.

Yes the entire bible is engineered in anagrams. The revealed words affirm the immediate book chapter's detailed truths, foreshadows and prophesies. All words check back to an origin. The literal scriptures function as direct code and implied descriptions work as indirect code. The human language, Holy Scriptures and human history is all the same code that is separated by simple math expressions and sound barriers.

Non-biblical anagram example:

algorithm - logarithm

Biblical anagram example:

adam and eve is - genesis 2

idea saved man

advised a name

evade a mad sin

deem as an avid

sad naïve dame

saved a maiden

aide saved man

a dame invades

I made and save

name a dad's vie

an aid saved me

The 3 categories the anagrams fall under are only:

1. Original state of creation or design.

2. The effects or consequences of sin and the curse.

3. Who Jesus Christ is as God, Messiah, Creator and Son of Man.


Give it a try, ask questions. Later we will discuss other keys and sequences.

Suggested tools for code scrambling deduction are:

  1. Old fashioned way I started, paper and pencil




More on other keys can be read here.

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