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Emmanuel's Key Decryption

Key Terms: Logarithm, algorithm, and anagram.

The logarithm of a given number x is the exponent to which another fixed number, the base b, must be raised, to produce that number x.  Or the power of a fixed number equals the number in the question.

One could ask, how many of one number do we multiply to get another number?

Example of a logarithm:  How many 2s do you need to get 8?
2x2x2 = 8  You had to multiply 3 of the 2s to get 8.


Master Key

An algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem solving operations, especially by a computer.  In the bible they appear as patterns of repetition, foreshadows, riddles, puns, homophones, symbols and allegories.  Examples:

Master Key Algorithm - A Word key traced in Matt. 26:64 Jesus on trial, “It is as you say.”  Jesus spoke the key, you say it as is -
a, s, is or leave it as is.  Apply this principle to all words or phrases in the Holy Bible when you re-scramble them as anagrams.  “The” can also be used with a word, but is usually for a noun.

Yes the entire bible is engineered in anagrams.  The revealed words affirm the immediate book chapters’ detailed truths, foreshadows and prophesies.  Words outside of scriptures may be revealed in scripture, but has no bases to affirm scriptures.  However words in the bible can be found encoded in many outside sources.  The literal scriptures function as direct code and the implied descriptions work as indirect code.  This only works for English and mainly the NKJV bible, I will explain more later in the book.

Non-biblical anagram example:
algorithm - logarithm

Biblical anagram example:
adam and eve is - genesis 2
idea saved man
advised a name
evade a mad sin
deem as an avid
sad naive dame
saved a maiden
aide saved man
a dame invades
i made and save
name a dad's vie
an aid saved me
a man sea dived

3 categories the anagrams fall under are only:
1. Original state of creation.
2. The effects of sin and the curse.
3. Who Jesus Christ is as God, Messiah, Creator and Son of Man.

Trinity Key

Trinity Key Algorithm - This is found in the beginning of the book of Genesis.  In chapter 1 and 2, during creation God did different things.  When the word God appears in these chapters followed by an action like created, replace “God” with Holy Trinity.  This affirms more about God throughout the bible.


holy trinity created - genesis 1:1
they react in dry toil

holy trinity said - genesis 1:3
history lit in day

holy trinity saw - genesis 1:4
i was only thirty (Jesus begins ministry)

holy trinity divided - genesis 1:4
third divinity ode (1spoke light, 2saw light, 3divide light)

holy trinity made - genesis 1:7
timely hydration
my horal identity
deity trio hymnal

holy trinity called - genesis 1:8
i only cry till death
i only cry till hated

Fallen Key

Fallen Key Algorithm - One located in the book of Amos or Am so.  Amos 7:1 used a different pattern in which you drop the letters that spell “cherub or coded.  You then scramble the remaining letters and add the cherub or word coded to reveal the affirmations from the phrase.  This anagram phrase also contains other facts included later in the book.

behold he formed locustamos 7:1
cherub host fell doomed
cherub fed hell to sodom
cherub do smell the food
cherub old flood themes
cherub fed to hells doom
cherub led flesh to doom
cherub method led fools
cherub fooled the molds (God’s image man)
cherub smelled hot food
cherub told me he’s of old
cherub told me so he fold (Eve, Adam folds)
food, lost cherub held me (Lucifer and Man)
model of cherub led host (Lucifer)
he let cherub fold sodom
homes fell to odd cherub
hold model set of cherub (Ark)

coded flesh or to humble
coded best humor of hell
coded rob the full homes
coded her the full bosom
coded bush, met for hello (call Moses with burning bush as a “hallow!”)
coded hull for best home
coded bells of her mouth (throat)
coded the bull he so form
coded sore thumb of hell
coded hell or foe’s thumb (six fingers)
coded hell be from south
coded hero’s humble loft
coded the bull shoe form
coded holes for hum belt
coded oh he form bullets
coded oh from hell’s tube
coded hell’s forum be hot
coded the humble floors (gleaning and threshing)
coded he shout from bell (phone or throat)
coded be for hell’s mouth
he coded mother of bulls

English Key

English Key Algorithm - This is a language key, the entire human language is actually one language.  Early man once began with a universal tongue before other language variations.  When God confused man’s language during Babel He simply reversed what we know as a basic English backwards and gave different groups distinct vocal accents with variant speeds.  All languages come together only through the Holy Bible to default English.

How?   There are three parts to this mystery.  First, a bible translated in other languages with basic English alphabets can all be scrambled in anagrams with the same keys and you will still get different variations of biblical affirmations in English.  Input other language and output English affirmations, but only through the bible.  For example German, Spanish, Hebrew and so on.

Second people simply associate alphabet letters to sound, so written language is simply a game of scramble and match.  Vocally it’s a little different, yet similar.  Vocal language is the constant denominator.  Since man began living life in backwards God reversed speech.  Reading scriptures in the bible in English will reverse into other English scriptural facts.  Reading specific scriptures in the bible in other languages will reverse into English scriptural facts.  All vocal tongues reverse into English despite the written alphabet.  The only catch is that a person has to drop their accent, the accent hides the common language like a barrier.

And third is bible version translation.  Testing various bibles the NKJV is the only bible that works with high level accuracy and wide range.  Most words reveal their mysteries when testing these keys.  The old KJV works ok for a few longer words, ASV j-words and the Gideons version does a moderate job on the smaller simple words.  As for most other bibles they all reveal variations and are fine for ministry devotions, but don’t measure up well when decrypting hidden mysteries in the bible at a wide range.  The Holy Bible is literally CODE.  Later in the book I point out how YHWH and NKJV letters, British and Israeli flags were predestined and fixed in creation’s design.

Here are examples:

English to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and - Genesis 1:1 NKJV
He has begin noticing the Eden garden advent.
He noticed angst in Eden, the garden haven.

Hebrew to English anagram:
God created in the beginning, and the heavens - Genesis 1:1 Interlinear
Elohim bara beresit, weet hassamayim et
I AM wise Messiah seat my bible at sore heart.
German to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and - Genesis 1:1 Luther Bible 1912
Am Anfang schuf Gott Himmel und
Faithful command gets Man hung.

Spanish to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and - Genesis 1:1 NVI
Dios en el principio creo los cielos y
Recoil leprosy on decision policies.

Hmar Indian to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. - Genesis 1:1 NVI
A tira Pathienin hnuoi le van a’n umtir lai chun,
Hi human inherit an utopia, an evil lunatic ran.
Hi venal human inherit in utopia, a lunatic ran.

Vietnamese to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and - Genesis 1:1 NVB
Ban dau Duc Chua Troi sang tao troi
Guardians at chaotic roundabouts.
Guardian about to catch dinosaurs.
A good Saudi Arab in truth accounts.
Author’s brain audit’s God account.
Caution a Guru had it on broadcasts.
caution Guru had broadcast on, i sat

French to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and - Genesis 1:1 BDS
Au commencement, Dieu creu crea le ciel et
Eden musician lie, let a cure come rescue me.
Lie came to rule Eden I secure music menace.
I rule, music menace lie.  Rescue came to Eden.
I ate music menace lie, curse come rule Eden.
Eden music menace come lie, I ate curse lure.

Russian to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and - Genesis 1:1 Google translate
V nachale Bog sozdal nebesa i
Bodies can nag Boaz, love heals.
Zoo bed behave as a son calling.
Evil bash a good zones’ balance.

Portuguese to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and - Genesis 1:1 ARC
No principio, criou Deus os ceus e a
I cure, Our copies’ sin caused poison.
I cure Our copies, sin caused poison.
I cure poison; Our copies caused sin.

Tagalog to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. - Genesis 1:1 ADB
Nang pasimula ay nilikha ng Dios ang langit at ang lupa.
All aid a guilty pagan man; nail up sign tag “King Hosanna.”
Lion king slaying up a tall human, pagan gangs aid giant.

Swahili to English anagram:
In the beginning God created the heavens and earth. - Genesis 1:1 BHN
Hapo mwanzo Mungu aliumba mbingu na nchi
a s
Amazing, a moon align’s human woman pubic bush.
Much amazing, NASA human up a wobbling moon.


Carry Y and X-it Drop Key

Carry Y and X-it Drop Key Algorithm - First, this anagram algorithm works ideally when using male Hebrew names using letter Y instead of J.  Then add letter X and is, to prepare the male carrier's name.  For example (XYeshua is).  Then re-scramble for revealed affirmations.   Afterwards use the same preparation and drop the xy and re-scramble again like (eshua is).


xyehudah is - (Carry xy)

huh! sexy aid

huh! dye axis

uh, days i hex

u hex His day

hi, day hex us

u His head xy


ehudah is - (Drop y)

He hid USA

hush idea

ah, hide us

ha, hide U.S.

ah, is hued

uh, hid sea


xyaaqob is - (Carry xy)

say, a box IQ!

ax, a boy's IQ


aaqob is - (Drop y)

a boa's IQ


xyosef is - (Carry xy)

yes, fix so


osef is - (Drop y)

is foes

fie, SOS!


xyahweh is - (Carry xy)

hi, He was xy

hi, He's waxy

yhwh is axe

sway His hex


ahweh is - (Drop y)

hi, He was

hi, He saw

hah, wise

shh, I awe


xyared is - (Carry xy)

sex diary

x-rays side

day is king

daisy rex



xyehonathan is - (Carry xy)

oh, he in a syntax

x a heathy son


ehonathan is - (Drop y)

ha ha, tension

I the Hosanna

He has anoint

an oath shine

ha ha, in stone

a hint: He a Son

aha, the Son in

He has ion tan

ha ha, sent ion

an ion sheath

He has nation

ah, He on saint

aha, He sin not

ah, hate on sin

satan hone in

ah, in ones hat

ah, hi a sonnet

hi, an eon's hat

ha ha, i nest on

ah, an eon hits

shh, ate an ion

shh, an ion tea


xyepheth is - (Carry xy)

thy hip sex

hex spy hit

the xy ship


epheth is - (Drop y)

hit sheep

eh, his pet


xyeshua is - (Carry xy)

hi a sexy U.S.

hi, sexy USA

He U.S. y-axis


eshua is - (Drop y)

ah, issue!

hi, use as (command eshua + as = He's a USA/has esau/He a US, S.A./ah U.S. sea/He USA, S.A.

hi, U.S. sea

hi, use S.A.

He is U.S.A.

He is a U.S.


xyoel is - (Carry xy)

sexy oil

oily sex


oel is - (Drop y)

is leo


xyonah is - (Carry xy)

a shiny ox

ox in hays

xy has ion


onah is - (Drop y)

oh, a sin

has ion

ion ash

hi, a son

is noah

hi, an OS

ha, sion


xyisrael is - (Carry xy)

liar is sexy


israel is - (Drop y)

sari lies

is serial

ail rises

rise sail

I seal sir

isle's air

isis real


xyishmael is - (Carry xy)

i mix she lays

a shy mix lies

mix as shy lie

hi, i'm a sly sex

i hail ms. sexy

i'm sly, is a hex

islam is hexy


ishmael is - (Drop y)

is his male

ah, missile

I smash lie

sham is lie

has simile

I mash lies

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